PPRD Due monday, Work needs to be gathered. That's all on that account.
Typeradio-wise, I feel like I am doing well, I am well on my way to having
a layout ready for wednesday, however I am experimenting with the pattern
brush on illustrator, WHY did I NOT know about it before, it's brilliant! Also
I am trying to replicate my own designs from 'The Papered Wall' some of them are
aesthetically pleasing and some are...abit to floral so I will put some up here and
see if I can gather some feedback.


So I have my designer Catherine Griffiths and also we had a visit from Hamish Muir,
who I REALLY love both of their works
http://www.catherinegriffiths.co.nz/ here you can see some of Catherine's work
and http://www.hamishmuir.com/ here som of Hamish's however I prefer the work Hamish did when he was in a collective of three designers called 8vo. What a good week!

Seventh of March

We got our next project today and I am actually really really excited about this, and magazine design is something that really interests me and the freedom of this project again is great. I like the idea of creating images from what people say and I am going to try and portray my designers personality, just have to wait to see who I get!

Fourth of March

After a short set of flash animation tutorials, I went on to create an short one and abit minute animation on The Carbon Footprint of a Cow, we had to base it on statistics and these where ones that shocked me and I felt I could play on the humour.
Statistics are
there are 1.5Billion cows
990 litres of water is needed for one litre of milk
the methane from cows is 20% more damaging than carbon dixoide.
Conclusion...eat fish instead.
Here is the

yeah, so I handed in, after having abit of a 'negative vibed' week, and felt very happy
with my end result and my peers all seemed to like it too, which was a great feeling.
Having been off for two weeks ill, the short extension was enough for me to get back
up to speed, and my project came together at the end nicely.